Elan 84 XTi with ELX 12 Binding

The Elan Amphibio 84 XTi is an aggressive and nimble ski for experts looking for the ultimate in maneuverability and stability. The XTi has a considerable notch up in stiffness both longitudinally and torsionally from the regular Amphibio 84 Ti. The extra layer of Dual Shaped Ti in conjunction with the Power Wood Core is powerful enough to charge down the frontside of the mountain. Elan's Amphibio 4D Technology reduces vibrations by 30% by having titanium shaped into a convex tip, and concave tail. The Amphibio Rocker along with the new tip and tail shapes makes this beast of a ski highly maneuverable and easy to manipulate it into any turn shape you want very easily. The new thinner profile loses an extra 10% of the weight of previous models. Elan's RST Sidewall Construction delivers your energy directly to the edges of your skis, while the Fusion Binding System creates a perfect synergy and energy transfer between your bindings and skis. If you are looking for a new twist in a very stable and highly manoeuvrable ski you need to grab the Elan Amphibio 84 XTi.

  • Dual Shaped XTi
  • Amphibio 4D Technology
  • RST Sidewalls
  • Power Wood Core

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