Burton Support Glove


– Sold Out

It can't support you when your girlfriend dumps you for that dirty no-good lifty. But the Burton Men's Support Glove does support you when you are practicing that triple backflip to win her back (you'll rue the day, lifty!). This is because Burton stashed a low-profile and removable support shank to protect your wrist during a nasty fall. It's kind of like a bodyguard just for your hands—because how else will you be able to exchange high-fives at the end of the day if your wrist is shattered?

Why not just wear armor, you ask? Well, this here glove combines everything you want, namely the support with a waterproof glove. The Support has DryRide Ultrashell fabric and Insane Membrane technology for a double dose of waterproof/breathability. The glove is stuffed with Thermacore, because after all, you shouldn't have to deal with an icy, broken heart and icy fingers. But, lo, you landed said trick, and your ex is texting you to get you back. The Support is made with Screen Grab magic so you can text her back with any of your ten digits and say, "Nah, I'm good."

  • DryRide Ultrashell 2-Layer stretch fabric
  • DryRide Insane Membrane 2.0
  • Brushed microfiber fixed lining
  • Thermacore insulation
  • Screen Grab Toughgrip palm
  • Ergonomic pre-curved fit


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