Head Radar 5K + Spare Lense Visor Helmet - Black


Modern, award-winning RADAR visor helmet with integrated lens. The visor lens features contrast-enhancing 5K lens technology. Additional spare lens included.

  • IN-MOLD TECHNOLOGY -The shock absorbing inner EPS layer of this technology is injected into the hard outer polycarbonate layer to create a single comprehensive unit that provides perfect protection at a reduced weight.
  • HEAD Visor Construction is a wind-sealed UV protective shield that allows skiers to ride wearing prescription glasses. Like on a motorcycle helmet the visor can be pulled down to protect the eyes while riding
  • 360° Microshell -The 360° Microshell is a polycarbonate layer, which three-dimensionally wraps around the lower helmet lip, that prevents scratches and dents in the helmet’s foam.
  • Adjustable Ventilation - The opening of the ventilation ducts on the top of the helmet may be adjusted continuously by means of a slide control.
  • Microfur - Microfur is both warming and comfortable on the skin. As a helmet lining it creates the perfect fit and feel for all-day shredding.
  • Beanie Liner - The soft Microfleece material of the Beanie Liner adapts perfectly to the head and thus avoids any bruises and the unpleasant entering of cold air. Molded-in mesh zones let heat and moisture escape to the outside and, together with the ventilation system, ensure a pleasant head climate.
  • Sphere Fit - The new and patented Sphere Fit system wraps around the head like a beanie. When adjusting the BOA® dial, it is adjusted in all three dimensions, creating a snug and comfortable fit without applying any pressure.
  • Neckgator - The Neckgator provides comfort and warmth to the helmet wearer. It adds comfort, fit and excludes the elements.
  • Removable Earpads - The washable earpads of this model can be taken out to suit the variable weather conditions and for cleaning
  • Spare Lens included when the weather changes.
  • 5K Lens - The new 5K Lens tone formula was developed for the alpine environment. 5K enhances contrast and boosts color brilliance by filtering specific wave lengths of the visual spectrum, therefore revealing more details and assuring a safer, less tiring on-snow experience in any weather condition.
  • Rapid Lens Exchange System - Lenses can be swapped on the go with only a click. Adapt yourself to changing weather in no time!
  • Integrated Visor System - The innovative combination of a visor helmet with the advantages of wearing a goggle are integrated into a product which is outstanding in terms of fit, style and performance. The visor automatically adapts to the wearers face and seals off wind and water.
  • Toric Lens - Toric lenses are curved in a way which avoids optical distortion.
  • Helmet Pouch Included - Helmet Pouch included protecting your helmet from scratches and other impacts.




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