Head W20 Men's Nexo LYT 110 Ski Boots


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The Nexo LYT 110 ski boots have all what it takes to give you comfort and performance while skiing.

HEAD’s Liquid Fit is the most precise and fastest customisation. The material density ensures the perfect copy of the foot shape. Hence, you have more flexibility, comfort and performance due to increased heel retention. For easy handling, you can rely on 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles, low profile buckles and 1 supermacro ratchet.

  • Smart frame
  • Duo flex
  • Stiffer/softer flex adjustment
  • Single canting
  • Foam wedge
  • Perfect fit  3D CUSTOM
  • HP frame footbed
  • 50mm velcro strap
  • Power plate
  • 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles
  • Low profile buckles
  • 1 Supermacro light ratchet


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