Anon Nelson Helmet


The Anon Nelson Helmet is your all-access pass to winter's outdoor playground. This lightweight, low-profile cranium case protects your melon with the Hybrid 70/30 build that blends in-mold and injection-molded construction for a barely-there feel. But not to worry, it features ding resistance in high-wear areas, too. Fit defines function with helmets, so the Nelson features the Boa fit system so you can finely tune the fit every time you don this helmet. You also get some extra fit options from the Simple Fit system, which lets you take out the ear pads and liner to make room for a beanie under the helmet, if that's how you roll.

For the hot headed, permanent vents draw air in and send hot, moist air flying out of the back. Actively adjustable vents let you roll the windows down on the toasty days, and button down the hatches on the extra cold. All the while, the Skullcandy audio compatibility means you can crank the tunes as you're cranking down lines faster than a fiddler's fingers on the bluegrass express. 


  • Hybrid 70/30 shell construction
  • Active/passive ventilation (adjustable)
  • Expedition fleece lining
  • Boa fit system
  • Simple fit ready (removable liner and ear pads)
  • Skullcandy ASFX audio compatible

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