Jetpilot Men's Nighthawk 2 Rathy Bouy Vest - Navy


– Sold Out

The Jetpilot Rathy is the all new pro model for Canadian wonder boy Aaron Rathy. Featuring most of Jetpilot’s signature tech, such as they lightweight PVC foam and flex lite panels, the Rathy is both light and easily shaped. Combined with it’s 3D anatomical fit and flex bands, Rathy’s vest allows him to keep going without being held back, providing the best fit and flex for any move you need to make.

  • 1oo% Flex Lite Panels
  • Light Weight Design
  • Flex-Band exactly what it sounds
  • PVC Foam Core for extra bouyancy
  • 3D Anatomical Fit
  • Custom Sublimated Print
  • Hidden Webbing
  • Rathy Approved


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