Jobe Player Wakeboard -129


– Sold Out

Finally, a board that can accommodate those unpredictable grow spurts! The all new Jobe Player was made to fill that void between kids and adults; a true performer that is loaded with tech that’ll shorten the learning curve at an affordable price. Wanting to build the ultimate youth/teenage package, Jobe utilised a low profile yet highly buoyant hybrid core, giving the Player hassle free starts with riders popping out of the water and instantly being aided by 4x molded fins and 2x removable plastic fins that remove the chances of catching a nasty edge and helping to give the confidence needed to start attacking the wake. Understanding the importance of longevity, the Players long base chimes and fluted tip/tail make it a smart choice for riders on the smaller scale who previously couldn’t manage a larger board yet were set to outgrow a smaller board before parents would get their moneys worth. The combination of a wake friendly continuous rocker that delivers consistent pop and the Bi-Axial layered fiberglass that stores/releases energy makes the Jobe Player ideal for that adventurous rider looking to nail their flip or spin. Remember, “Don’t hate the Player, hate the game” 

  • Bi-Axial Layered Glass
  • Top Seam Rail Technology (TST)
  • Blended Rocker
  • 4x Molded Fins
  • 2 Removable Fins


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