KD Women's Flare - 132cm


– Sold Out

For a low-impact and comfortable introduction to wakeboarding, you can’t go past the all-new KD Flare. Getting a grip on the fundamentals has never been more enjoyable thanks to the blended rocker that phases from an aggressive tip and tail into a mellow center that’ll give both a consistent kick off the wake and smooth, carefree carves in all conditions. Built to simplify progression, the uncomplicated base with large channels and molded fins make the Flow easy to maneuver. Women will appreciate the additional board width making it easier to pop free from the water with starts and the ability to ride at slower speeds. Ladies don’t just drift with the current this season, give your riding that shot of confidence it’s been craving.

• PU Core
• Carbon Infused Hybrid Core
• Bi-Axial Layered Glass
• Top Seam Rail Technology (TST)
• Blended Rocker
• Molded Fins
• 2x Removable Center Fins




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