Liquid Force Drive 2016

New additional technology for the 2016 Drive is a smooth, shallow center concave! Engineered to transform a kiter’s riding in a short period of time, the Drive packs a potent, empowering punch. Offering the ultimate value-to-performance ratio, the Drive features many of our most advanced technologies, and is optimized specifically for progression, staying upwind, jumping, and doing air transitions. All fun all the time!

  • 1 M6 Hardware - Standard on all LF boards 
  • 2 Inline Inserts - Lined up 
  • 3 Liquid Rail - Urethane poured flexible rail 
  • 4 Profiled Wood Core - Profiled Wood Core 
  • 5 Matte Finish - Printed Matte finish that delivers a vibrant color without adding weight. 
  • 6 Low Rocker Line - Low rocker line allows you to pop out of the water and get upwind as fast as possible. 
  • 7 Mid Flex - A medium flex profile for a blend of comfort and pop. 

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