Liquid Force Focus Kiteboard

The 2016 Liquid Force Focus kiteboard is packed with performance-enhancing features, delivering a banger versatile feel for all- around riders. For outstanding pop and release performance and fast and efficient upwind riding, this low-rocker, medium flex board has a flat bottom with mid-grip channels and channeled tips.

  • M6 Hardware 
  • Standard on all LF boards
  • Inline Inserts 
  • Lined up
  • Liquid Rail 
  • Urethane poured flexible rail
  • Profiled Wood Core 
  • Profiled Wood Core
  • Medium Rocker Line 
  • Smooth
  • Matte Finish 
  • Printed Matte finish that delivers a vibrant color without adding weight.
  • Mid-Grip Channels 
  • Channeling through the middle of the board delivering more grip and bite on the water.
  • Mid Flex 
  • A medium flex profile for a blend of comfort and pop.

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