Nitro Men's Vagabond TLS Snowboard Boots

Nitro´s Vagabond snowboard boot offers a progression friendly performance and sure foothold you can feel from walking to the lift to charging down your last run.

The Vagabond snowboard boot offers a foothold and warmth that allows for good times all day no matter the temperature or snow condition. The brand new Rubber Outsole offers endless protection and a grip for hiking and long walks back to the car, while the Interlock Cloud Liner gives you a sure foothold and absolutely no heel slippage season after season. Developed with a focus on support and user-friendly features to allow you to ride with confidence and control, making the Vagabond the perfect boot to get you easily all over the mountain.

  • New Rubber Outsole,
  • Tls Twin Lacing System,
  • Molded Tls Lace Handles,
  • Bail Out System,
  • Cloud 1 Liner,
  • Interlock Cloud Liner,
  • Dls Liner Lacing,
  • Eva Footbed

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