Burton Men's Deep Thinker Snowboard

The 2019 Burton Deep Thinker is the second iteration of the Danny Davis' super poppy, pow-friendly pro model, and in it's short tenure it has amassed a cult following around the globe, not just for its great design but its smile-inducing performance. The Deep Thinker is a directional cambered board that provides all mountain good times, engineered by Danny himself for precision response, power, and extra poppy performance in powder and out. If you have any doubts about the way this board rides check out some footage of Danny Davis, the board of choice for someone who rides like him could only provide the best of times.


  • BEND Directional Camber
ITEM NO. 172001

  • SHAPE Directional [7MM Taper] 
  • FLEX Directional 
  • CORE FSC™ Certified Super Fly II™ 700G Core with Dualzone™ EGD™ and Squeezebox 
  • FIBERGLASS 45° Carbon Highlights 
  • BASE Sintered WFO

  • The Channel®
  • Frostbite Edges
  • Super Sap® Epoxy
  • Pro‐Tip™
  • Infinite Ride™ 


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