Tecnica Magnum 95W

The Magnum 95 W is an extremely comfortable ski boot. It is ideal for women skiers looking for an extremely comfortable and warm boot. The 95 Flex guarantees good rigidity and the Quick Instep makes it easy to put on. The power strap allows for maximum adjustment for different sized calves and the large ankle buckle gives you more evenly distributed pressure around your lower calf and ankle.

  • Sizes: 22.0 - 27.5 MP
  • Last (mm): 102
  • Flex: 95
  • Shell: polyolefine
  • Cuff: polyolefine
  • Powerstrap: 45 mm strap
  • Buckles: 3 micro alu
  • Sole: ISO 5355  bi-injected intercchangeable sole

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