Head Absolut Joy / Joy 9 Bindings

The Absolut Joy from Head is a perfect ski for the intermediate to strong intermediate skier that wants a very light ski that is very maneuverable and stable at faster speeds. Head has developed Graphene that is ultra strong and remarkably lightweight. Having a ski that is made with Graphene gives you a ski that can bend and flex, but remain strong, and react when the lightest amount of pressure is applied to the ski. By having a ski that weighs 20% less you will not fatigue too easily on the mountain. The Absolut Joy is made with Head's Women's Specific Rocker that has lower camber that makes the ski very easy to handle and control in just about any snow condition. Head's Superlight Composite Core is surprisingly snappy, and the 79mm waist enjoys making short to medium radius turns down a smooth groomer. The Absolut Joy will absolutely be a dreamy ski for you.

  • Super Light Weight Distribution
  • All Ride Rocker
  • Superlite Composite Core
  • Graphene
  • 20% Lighter
  • Women's Camber

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