Elan Kid's RC Race + EL 7.5 Bindings

$399.99 $499.99

The RC Race represents junior progression wrapped in a graphic that looks just like Dad's race skis. While the RC Race is not true race ski it is a significant step up from the standard junior ski. Upgrading to a fiberglass wrapped full wood core the RC Race offers quite a bit more edge hold and a quicker feel for kid's that have learned edge control and are starting to truly carve a turn. The full wood core is also far more durable, great for hand me down, or simply kids that are hard on their equipment. Knowing that children never stop growing, the Quick Trick binding system can easily be adjusted by any certified technician as boot sizes change without damaging the ski. However the coolest part of the RC Race is how Elan uses Waveflex in this small package. This lets Elan make the RC Race quite stiff side to side, allowing for a very comfortable feel at speed, which makes turning and proper carves more attainable, while the ski stays nice and soft tip to tail so small rippers still have all the control they need. The RC Race is an amazing blend of support and forgiveness that can take any junior from turn slider straight to a turn carving superstar


  • Junior Waveflex Power Cap Construction
  • Full Dual Wood Core With Fiberglass
  • Quick Trick Integrated Binding with EL 7.5 Binding



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