Roxy Bon Bon Mini w/ Roxy B69 Binding

The Bonbon Mini helps your kids have fun while they are learning to ski. A lightweight polyfly core with a shape that aids stability and control as your kids get used to bombing around the groomers, whilst being strong enough to hand down to the next sibling. The Bonbon mini is one sweet you'll want to give your kids everyday.

  • The nuts and bolts
  • Shape: Traditional flat-tail
  • Rocker: None
  • Core: Polyfly & bi-axial fibreglass
  • Topsheet: ICP8210 glossy
  • IS1320 extruded
  • Build: 3D Unibody construction
  • Lengths: 80cm - 90cm - 100cm - 110cm Bindings Sold Separately
  • Composition
  • 50% wood, 10% steel, 20% fibreglass, 20% plastic

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