DC Womens PLY - 2016

The DC Women's Ply Snowboard loves to jump, jib, and boost over everything in sight, giving you the feel of riding a snappy skate deck on the slopes. Its true twin shape allows you to hone your switch skills all over the mountain. However, most impressive is the Ply's Lock & Load Camber. This camber-flat profile blends camber underfoot with flat, elongated tips, effectively balancing the responsive feel of camber with a bit more stability at the nose and tail. Helping you boost gigantic ollies and balance on rails, the board's flat contact zones provide a sweet spot for snapping off lips and locking into jibs.

Just because the Ply is well-suited for the park doesn't mean it can't shred the entire mountain. Its medium flex allows for butters and clean presses, yet it won't chatter like a noodle when you're charging at high speeds. Additionally, its Radius 2 Flat kicks provide lift in powder, helping the board float through fresh snow without submerging. Throw in easy-flexing biax fiberglass and a poppy Stratus core and you have a skate-like ride that excels anywhere on the mountain. 

  • Twin shape
  • Lock & Load Camber (camber through mid-section, flat contact points)
  • Stratus core (poplar wood)
  • Biax fiberglass
  • Radius 2 Flat (flat nose, tail kicks)
  • Three-degree edge bevel
  • True base (extruded)

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