Connelly Atlantis


– Sold Out

From the depths of the ocean emerges a party lounge like no other - behold the new Atlantis 5 from Connelly! This all new design features 5 rounded backrests for an ultimate lounging experience and an upper mezzanine balcony for party goers who like to stay high and dry. The Atlantis 5 includes an open center floor where you can cool off in your own personal mini pool. Finally, this VIP lounge includes 8 cup holders to keep your favorite beverage from falling into the drink.

• 105” Diameter (deflated), pre-assembled
• 90 day warranty
• Room for 5 adults with upper mezzanine seating balcony and open floor
• Constructed with heavy duty polymer and molded cup holders
• Boston Valve for quick inflation and deflation
• Lounge, 5 Rider 


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