Radar 2017 Lyric

In the ultimate quest to support women waterskiers worldwide, the Lyric is their most advanced technology on the water. Following the form of the recently updated Senate mold, careful measures have been taken to provide the perfect flex pattern and fin shape to provide the definitive ski ride. Ride the best selling women’s slalom and know the difference. 

  • Aerocore
  • Carbon/Fiberglass laminates
  • .2” wider Vapor Blueprint
  • Recommended max speed 34mph
  • RST (Radiused Stability Turn) tail shape 
  • What you’ll feel: At the speed and tempo that the majority of women ski at, there’s just not as much down-force on the ski. By lightening the layup, we’re able to create a more forgiving, easier turning ski; with support that breeds confidence. This allows the rider to really get in sync with the ski and feel results and improved skiing. The Lyric rides high enough in the water to reduce rope tension (easier on hands and arms) and keep spray out of the face.

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