Radar 2017 Alloy Senate

The most popular ski Radar makes is back in 2017 with more technology than ever before. Now sharing the same shape as the New Vapor it is more consistent and builds speed even faster than the previous ski. This new design has taken the Senate to the next level. This is the most versatile ski in the Radar line-up. This ski is course capable all while being a free skiers dream ski.

Alloy construction used to mean a mix of carbon and fiberglass laminates. It now means a mix of core materials referring to the All Terrain Core now found in the ski. Match that with 100% carbon fiber for the first time and an all-new shape and maybe it should just be called perfection.

  • 100% Carbon laminates
  •  All-Terrain Core
  • .2” Wider Vapor Blueprint
  • Recommended max speed 34mph
  • Precision Fixed Fin system

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