DC W22 Focus Snowboard


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The DC Focus gives you everything you need when you are starting out, with all the features you need to push your riding up to the next level. The rocker profile makes turns smooth and easy, while the 3 degree base bevel keeps the ride catch free, so you spend more time turning and less time crashing. With the medium flex rating, you can take the Focus anywhere from the groomers, to the park, to the trees.

Camber Type: Rocker

Flat between the feet with reverse camber between the nose and tail. Enjoy a playful and forgiving ride, with easy turns and catch free edging.

Flex: 5/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Twin Flex- Get your switch on with a twin flexing board. With the flex in the tail being an exact reflection of the flex in the tip you will get so good you'll forget if you're a goofy or regular rider!

Shape: Directional

With a directional shape, there is slightly more nose than tail, which gives you more float in deep snow, smoother turns and an easy ride.

Core: Stratus

The Stratus core uses certified Poplar wood for a smooth flexing, lightweight ride. Added strength is also added to the boards core with two central beech stringers, running from tip to tail.

Base: True Base

Extruded bases are fast on snow, super durable, and easy to maintain or fix. Base colours may vary.  

Additional Features: 

3 Degree Bevel - The extra bevel on the base edge means that you get a board that is easy to ride for beginners, and can be ridden on rails straight out of the wrapper by expert riders.



Board Lengths: 145cm, 149cm, 153cm, 156cm, 157cm Wide, 159cm

Stance Set Back: 0mm (centred stance) 

Waist Width:

(145cm) 244mm (149cm) 245mm (153cm) 247mm (156cm) 249mm (157cm Wide) 258mm (159cm) 251mm


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