DC W22 Ply Snowboard


The 2021 DC PLY is a team favourite and it isn't hard to see why. The Lock & Load camber and the light Stratus core gives the PLY a skate like feel, that is great for park laps, but still shreds hard all over the mountain.

The 3 degree bevel means that you can ride it on boxes and rails straight out of the wrapper, without having to sacrifice your edge hold for carving on days when the snow is hard and icy. All around a super fun board!

A favorite of park purists and freestyle fanatics, the DC Ply Snowboard offers a skate-like feel that's ideally suited for launching kickers, jibbing park rails, and cruising around the entire mountain. The board's twin shape, medium flex, and Lock & Load camber allow for easy maneuverability, steezy presses, and loads of pop for launching off freestyle features. 

Flat under the contact points, the Ply allows you to effortlessly pre-load the nose and tail kicks for gigantic ollies and nollies. This design also maintains a neutral, catch-free feel when you're straight-lining this deck down steeps and park runs. Cambered through its mid-section, the Ply raises 6-millimeters at its center, which helps the board retain its poppy feel, also enhancing edge control and response when you're carving at high speeds. In addition, the board's Radius 2 Flat kicks enhance float in powder, meaning you can take this board through glades and untracked runs without your nose helplessly submerging in deep snow. 

Inside the board, you'll find a Stratus core that consists of poplar wood for a lively feel and consistent flex. Its biax laminates allow you to press and butter the Ply easier than DC's other park offerings, such as the Tone and Mega, due to its slightly softer torsional flex. There's a 3-degree edge bevel for catch-free grinding and jibbing right from the box, and its True base offers a fast glide without having to wax it as regularly as its sintered counterparts. 

  • True twin
  • Lock & Load Camber (cambered mid-section, flat underfoot)
  • Stratus core (poplar wood)
  • Biax fiberglass
  • Radius 2 Flat (flat nose, tail kicks)
  • 3-degree edge bevel
  • True base (extruded)

Camber Type: Lock & Load

Traditional camber mixed with anti camber. With positive camber between the feet for that all mountain capability and pop. Then throw in longer contact points under the feet for less edge catching and creating a stable platform. 

Flex: 6/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

A medium - stiff flex for all mountain riding whether your hitting the park or the groomers. 

Shape: Twin

True twin snowboards are 100% symmetrical. The nose and tail are the same length. The flex pattern and sidecut is uniform throughout and will feel the same whether you're riding switch or regular. The binding inserts are centred on the board.

Core: Stratus

Poplar wood for a super poppy and lightweight ride. The Bi-Ax laminates cross 2 ways over the board for a snappy but forgiving ride. 

Base: True Base

DC's true base is an Extruded material for a durable and fast ride. Extruded bases are easy to care for and easy to fix. 



Board Lengths: 150cm, 153cm, 154cm Wide, 156cm, 157cm Wide

Stance Set Back: 0mm (centred stance) 

Waist Width:

(150cm) 248mm

(153cm) 250mm

(154cm Wide) 260mm

(156cm) 252mm

(157cm Wide) 262mm

Recommended Rider Weight:

(150cm) 45-70kg

(153cm) 50-75kg

(154cm Wide) 55-80kg

(156cm) 55-80kg

(157cm Wide) 60kg+


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