Head Supershape e-Titan with PRD 12 Bindings


The sun is out. The spring snow is softening. Good thing you have the Supershape e-Titan under your feet: the perfect ski for spring snow. The easy float amazes you time and time again. Its a true performance ski that cuts through any conditions. So you stay in control, in any terrain or any snow conditions. Of course, as an advanced skier you never miss an opportunity to put this to the test as often as possible.

  • EMC
  • ERA 3.0 S
  • Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction
  • RD Race Structured
  • UHM C Base
  • Speed Rocker
  • also available without Superflex PR Base low (ART.Nr: 313370)
  • LENGTH 163/170/177
  • SIDECUT 133/84/115 @ Length 170
  • RADIUS 15,7 @ Length 170
  • PLATE Superflex PR Base low
  • BINDING 100836 PRD 12 GW Brake
  • 85 [F]


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