Nitro Women's Optisym Snowboard


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The 2023 Nitro Womens Optisym is the newest freestyle-friendly womens board that was created from the worldwide demand for a womens version of the Optisym. Nitro has made the womens version of this board with the exact same technologies as the mens, just creating it in different lengths and waist widths. As an asymmetrical snowboard the heel side of the board has a tighter turning radius allowing more powerful heelside turns, while smooth butters, presses and popping off everything in sight is attributed to the Cam-Out Camber and mid flexing core. A most welcomed addition to the womens Nitro range, we are sure the Womens Optisym will not only turn heads but help progress up and coming freestyle masters.

  • Shape Asym Twin
  • Camber Cam-Out Camber
  • Flex Urban
  • Sidecut Dual Degressive
  • Special features
  • Powercore II
  • Whiplash Core Profile
  • Powerwall
  • Ureshred Sidewalls
  • Bi-lite Laminates
  • Railkiller Edge
  • Premium Extruded FH Base
  • Sustainability Efforts
  • Climate Neutral Product
  • FSC Certified
  • 100% Natural Speed Wax


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