Brofessionals - Burton Step On vs Japow Snow

Step Ons VS Powder

Step-Ons have received rave reviews worldwide and have clearly surpassed every expectation. We made our original Burton Step On review a few years ago with only a small amount of testing. As much as we loved them, we weren't sure how great they would be in powder. After spending 10 days in Japan and receiving 1.5 meters of some of the finest pow in northern Honshu, we now know... they are epic!

In Review

Once the binding was cleared and the boot free from built up snow, they were actually still easier than normal bindings to get on as you never had to fight with your straps.

If you're in a position where it's a little hard to get rid of all the snow from the binding, by simply leaning down and pulling the toe edge towards you, you can engage the front of the binding to connect to the boot removing the need to push down. If the snow is too deep to find the bottom then any bindings will be hard to put on, so you'll struggle either way.


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