February 18, 2020


Brofessionals - Burton Step On vs Japow Snow

Step Ons VS Powder

Step-Ons have received rave reviews worldwide and have clearly surpassed every expectation. We made our original Burton Step On review a few years ago with only a small amount of testing. As much as we loved them, we weren't sure how great they would be in powder. After spending 10 days in Japan and receiving 1.5 meters of some of the finest pow in northern Honshu, we now know... they are epic!

In Review

Once the binding was cleared and the boot free from built up snow, they were actually still easier than normal bindings to get on as you never had to fight with your straps.

If you're in a position where it's a little hard to get rid of all the snow from the binding, by simply leaning down and pulling the toe edge towards you, you can engage the front of the binding to connect to the boot removing the need to push down. If the snow is too deep to find the bottom then any bindings will be hard to put on, so you'll struggle either way.


November 21, 2019


Brofessionals - Tips for choosing a life vest

Choosing a Life Vest can sometimes seem overwhelming with all the available options. We're here to break down your next Life Vest purchase so you're only left with the pain of filling your boat up at obscene fuel prices.



Safety First Kids

Most of the vests we stock are designed as a personal flotation safety device that is comfortable to wear in and out of the water.
Suitable for wakeboarding and tubing behind your boat or simply fanging around on your jetski, the majority of our vests are rated as LP50's (an Australian safety rating for closed waterways and harbors).
If you are looking for a comfortable fit with the least amount of bulk, you want the Australian safety standard combined with a soft Neoprene outer - giving maximum safety without compromising flexibility and comfort

Suck It In

Throwing on any modern performance Life Vest will more than likely have you quickly grabbing for a larger size, but remember the tighter the fit you can get away with the better.
Performance life vests are designed to fit like you are wearing a tight wetsuit top, this is to make sure if you take a slam on your wakeboard or a spill off your jet ski you don't want the Life Vest blowing over your shoulders.
If you have suffered from a little over gorging these past winter months and you find most vests impossible to get into, contact us for help, as there are a few select models that are a little friendlier around that waistline

Pro Tips

- Kids vests say ages but actually sell on weight
- Generally, a double buckle vest is the best for a universal fit
- If you are the driver of a Jet Ski look for a vest with handles on the sides
- If you suffer from a bad back get a vest with a kidney belt for lower back support
- The top end vests from some brands will dry faster and keep you warmer
- Don't hang wet vests by their shoulders as they will stretch
- Dry your vests out of the sun if you want them to last longer
August 07, 2019



Our Trip has sold out! But dont worry we have setup a second trip hosted by our all time crew Willie Beggs & James Potter. Willie B and Potter are going to take you on an epic adventure to two off the track Japanese resorts with reputations for no crowds and loads of that famous Japow snow.

2020 JAPOW TRIP - $5200* Approx.

Dates: 13th Feb - 25th Feb

  • Flights
  • Accommodation
  • Meals - Breakfasts 
  • Transfers
  • 5 Days riding Appi Kogen Resort (and other local resorts) Ski in Ski out
  • 5 Days riding Shizukuishi ( 3 Resorts in one) Ski in Ski out
  • Transfers
  • Night in Tokyo to PAAARRTY!
*Price subject to flights at timeof booking
With a combined riding time of 40+ years Willie B and Potter will have you covered. Willie B our shop team manager and ambassador has been running FTB Snow camps for a long time and his expertise in reading mountians and running groups is second to none. Our store manager Potter having spent plenty of time riding in Japan before and even more time on his board around the world is the perfect co host
5 Days - Appi Kogen
Appi Kogen is the largest ski resort located in Tohoku. Labeled as one of the best ski resorts in Japan this hidden Gem will throw down an average snowfall of 8-10 Meters! With no crowds and ski in ski out facilities we are going to be in powder paradise
5 Days - Shizukuishi
Then 5 days ski-in, ski-out at Shizukuishi. Three resorts combined into one. This resort is one of Japows best kept secrets, with plenty of options for back country skiing and a possibility of a day's cat skiing.
We only have 5 spaces for this trip. Dates are 13th to the 25th February. Price is subject to change depending on the time of booking. Our first trip sold out fast, so get in quick to reserve your place.

If you are interested please email me dean@ballistics.co.nz 
June 24, 2019


Brofessionals - Workshop

The Ballistics Full Service

We keep hammering home how important it is to get your skis & Snowboard serviced. Ballistics only use the best  workshop machines from Montana. This helps us ensure we get you guys the best results when you get your gear tuned.

Our Full Service Crystal glide option gives you a lot more bang for your buck than you may imagine. Here is the full process of what we throw down into your gear to bring it up all fast and shiny

Base Clean

Depending on the State of the skis a light base grind + Base cleaner will be applied


All remaining scratches are filled with a Montana Extruder P-tex Gun - Monty

Base Grind

Removes only a small amount of base. This resets the base of the skis squaring them up again and removes all remaining P-tex and scratches

Crystal Glide

The Montana Crystal Glide Twister replaces the structure in the base of your board/skis. Using a Diamond blade it cuts the pattern that we specifically program into the stone that is then transferred onto the base of your gear. This structure remains on the base resembling a vinyl record kind of imprint. It allows your skis/board to glide over the snow breaking surface tension and stopping the base from suctioning to the snow.

Edging / Base bevel

We then pass the edges over the edging belt to sharpen them. We can apply anywhere from a 89 degree angel (standard) to a 87 degree angle (race). Then flipping the machine around we use a ceramic stone to base bevel the edges to allow your gear to have maximum edge hold without feeling too catchy

Base Cleaning

Using a high quality base cleaner we then remove any remaining dirt and wax


Getting your wax job done right is the most important part of the process. This is why we have invested in a montana race waxer. This bad boy uses Infrared Bulbs to penetrate wax as evenly as possible deep into the base. This in turn gives you the longest lasting best wax job possible.

June 08, 2019


Ladies Ski Japan | Hosted by Ballistics

Join Ballistics on this amazing trip to experience a modern Japanese skiing experience at Nozawa Onsen. Sitting at an altitude of 1,085 metres, this pure powder heaven has an unlimited amount of slopes and ski areas for all abilities. What better way to end this group tour than with the add on option of three nights in Tokyo, one of the most exciting cities in the world.

7 nights from $2,935pp* | Land only

Trip Dates: 26 January – 02 February 2020

Add on 3 nights in Tokyo from NZ$665pp* | Land Only

Trip Dates: 02 – 05 February 2020


  • 7 nights twin share accommodation at Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya
  • 6 day lift pass
  • Transfer from Narita Airport to your accommodation
  • Tokyo add on includes 3 nights in twin share accommodation
  • Breakfast daily

Tour Host:

Meet Cayley, the new Tour Leader for the 2020 Ladies Ski Japan Tour. Cayley has been riding for the better part of 9 years now. Coming into the sport a little later, but has definitely made up for lost time, doing back to back winters for a number of years, bouncing between New Zealand, Japan and USA and Canada, though New Zealand (Wanaka) is where she calls home these days.

“I love being surrounded by the mountains all winter and escaping to the coast when I can in the summers. (I can’t really call myself a surfer yet, but it’s a working progress.) If I’m not in on a mountain or in the ocean you’ll find me at the skate park. I picked up skateboarding a few years ago, when a few girlfriends and myself all learnt to skate together. And if you think I do all of these sports without falling over a substantial amount you’d be so wrong, the one thing I do consistently other than standing sideways is yoga to help with that. It keeps me fit, helps with trying new grabs and thinking a bit more logically when I’m trying something scary on my snowboard. Finishing my yoga teacher training in India 2 years ago, I’ve loved teaching my friends (most of whom are snowboarders or skaters) and introducing new people to the practice.” – Cayley

This group tour will give you some of the best cultural and skiing experiences in Japan.

Nozawa Onsen

As one of Japans most outstanding and extensive ski areas and sitting at an altitude of 1,085 metres this pure powder heaven has 100% natural fresh powder and an unlimited amount of slopes and ski areas for all abilities. Boasting a total ski area of 297 hectares with an average snow fall of 11m the snow parks variety of slopes and courses make this a true Japanese snow paradise. Off the slopes this resort is the soul for après skiers with a traditional Japanese charm Including 13 public hot spring baths, shops, hotels, condos and ski in ski out availability, Nozawa Onsen has It all.


For those keen on exploring one of the most exciting cities in the world opt-in to join the group in Tokyo for an additional three nights.  On offer in the world’s most populous city is the unique mix of traditional and contemporary attractions, unlimited choices of shopping and entertainment and dining for all types of travellers.

Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya

The Nozawa View Hotel Shimataya is a 3-star accommodation featuring air-conditioned rooms with free WiF and a hot spring bath. The hotel also features luggage storage space, laundry facilities (no charge), a drying room, onsens and a restaurant.

This property is a ryokan, which is a type of traditional Japanese Inn.



Email us now: dean@ballistics.co.nz

Or Tammy: Tammy@travelandco.nz

April 17, 2019


Product Review - 2020 Nordica Enforcer and Santa Anas

New season Nordica Enforcer, and Women’s Santa Ana Skis are about to hit our shelves (May). This award-winning ski is available in 3 main waist widths

100 for All mountain terrain, perfect for North & South Island and an annual Northern Hemi trip. 93s Perfect for North Island's Mt Ruapehu as it dominates both hard packed trail and our spring slush. And 88 perfect for on trail performance or for that lighter weight guy looking for a smaller ski

Here's the Brofessionals lowdown...
This ski has gained a strong following in recent years for its versatile all-mountain performance for both Cruisers and Athletes!

The Enforcer 100 is relatively forgiving among skis that contain two sheets of metal, but it’s a high performing all-mountain ski at its heart. It’s incredibly stable, holds its edge like a train on rails when skiing hardpack, floats well in soft snow, and maneuvers surprisingly well considering it’s a fairly hefty ski.

Basically, they ski like a GT Continental, hauling ass down a hill and smashing through everything, or throw them into cruise mode and carve your way downhill with a smooth edge to edge roll.
Perfect for Intermediate/Advanced female skiers looking fat taking on all NZ conditions, both on and off piste. The Balsa combined with the Poplar / Beech woodcore makes the ski lighter overall compared to the mens. This all helps the Santa Ana easier to ski edge to edge and a little bit softer flex than its big brother Enforcer.
The Santa Ana provides a nice approachable easy turn in and out on trail and the 30% Tip rocker allows you to still dominate off-piste and deep powder conditios
March 18, 2019


Product Review - Mission Delta 2.0

Mission Delta wakeshaper 2.0

Wakesurfing in a V drive / Direct drive boat was always reserved for end of the day, when you have finished wakeboarding etc and you are happy to load all your ballast to one side of the boat. Thanks to the invention of wake-plates modern boats have fully removed the need for weight distribution and now rely on loading the ballast in the boat evenly and placing more drag on one side to create a wakesurfing wave on the other. The downside is these systems are well in excess of $3000 and need to be professionally fitted to your boat.

Thankfully a year or 2 ago easy fit wake-shapers came along. Now with a small amount of fitting you have multiple different brands available on the market that can be placed on the side of your older boat at a fraction of the cost of a wake-plate system. 

The Brofessionals wake-shaper of choice is the Mission Delta as it was the first wake-shaper on the market with suction cups. It comes well detailed and has been  proven on many different styles of boat to produce an epic wakesurfing wave.

Now the mission Delta 2.0 has been launched we have done the hard yards and tested these bad boys back to back to give you our opinion on whether the 2.0 is better than its predecessor.


March 05, 2019


Potters Back

Potter Around

As you may know, we dedicate all our spare time to shredding. Whether its snow, waves or water we spend as much time on our gear, as we do learning about it, to ensure you get the best advice. 

That’s why when it came to getting a new Store Manager, not just anyone would do.

Meet Potter (James)...

Potter started his retail career at Ballistics back in 2007. Working for us for over 7 years, he laid the foundations for true customer service. Now returning after traveling the world he’s back with a boot fitting trade, and as a full workshop/boot fitting tech, Potter is a true Brofessional. 

He's honed his skills working at Base in Wanaka, Snow & Rock in England and Underground Skate in Orewa. If he wasn’t in retail, he was traveling or living it up working at a surf camp in Spain.  

When Potters not on Mt Ruapehu or surfing, he'll be shredding skate parks around Auckland. Or you'll find him here back with our team, making sure you get the best service possible.

So next time you pop into the store for some gear give Potter a shout out to get your setup sorted or your boots tweaked.

February 21, 2019


Japan - In Retrospect


A Brofessionals review from our trip to Japan

The Japow snow getaway is the pinnacle for any powder pig looking to get lost in the deep white fluffy stuff. Deep pow, Sushimi, Sake, Ramen, Onsens, Bidets, Asahi, chopsticks are all to be expected but the Brofessionals have now smashed Japan a bunch of times and we have a few little secrets that might help you when you go chasing the powder goodness.

Trains vs Planes

Getting around Japan can seem daunting at first, but the train network is unbelievable. If you are planning on staying for a decent stint, then opt for a train over a domestic flight every time especially if you are traveling with 2 checked-in bags. You can get up whenever you like and walk around. The seats and leg roomaren’t even comparable, and the luggage allowance is basically as much as you can carry. Some trains like the Hayabusa travel around 320kph getting you the equivalent of Auckland to Wellington in 3 hours. They are relatively quiet and the majority we have come across have free wifi.

Cheat code: If you pay for a Koru membership (Air New Zealand) with an Airpoints Credit card you can travel with an extra bag no extra charge and its under $500 PA. An extra bag return is $220 normally.


The Japanese are a quiet bunch who love to fuss over you and are so polite it hurts. They don’t mind a foreigner having a laugh / good time and are often too shy to try and join in conversation even though most speak a little English. But if you are traveling Japan make sure to always respect their traditions especially when it comes to any sacred land and their rules around Onsens. These places are full of old traditional customs that can sometimes be easy to overlook but are massively frowned upon.
Cheat Code: Onsen rules - Click Here

Resort Choice
There are over 500 ski fields in Japan. This gives you the opportunity to really get the experience you want. If you really want after hours activities and more of that big resort feeling you cant go past Niseko, Hakkuba and the Nagano area. These resorts have a large range of dinner options and bars that give you loads to do after you have finished shredding or on down days.

A preferred Brofessional option is to choose a smaller resort/resorts smash powder all day with no lift queues and then stay in Tokyo for 3 days at the end to party your ass off.

Japan resorts will offer everything from 2 seater chair lifts on the side of a hill with epic tree runs to full American style resorts with gondolas from the base of the hotel, to cable cars taking you to 1400m with full out of bounds back country skiing with no trails. 

Cheat Code: Get to resorts that start above 300m but stay below 1200m too low and the snow gets wet go to high and they will never open. This is roughly the ‘goods zone’ - Geto Kogen, Appi Kogen, Rusutsu, Aomori Springs, Hakkoda, Myoko Kogen.

December 18, 2018


Brofessionals - How to choose a wakeboard



The Brofessionals guide - Buying Wakeboards

Size, shape, Glass, Wood core, fins, no fins, boat, cable, me, her, kids, mates.... 

Looking for a new board, but have no idea how to choose the right set up other than finding the right kick-ass graphic you like?

We've attempted to simplify below to help get you started.

Still have questions - hit us up on FB messenger. Or call the shop 09 4894074

1. Board Size

Probably the most important feature to consider is the length of your wakeboard. The length is determined by your own weight and foot stance, and if multiple riders will be using the board, it is better to adapt the board to the heaviest rider.

Rider Weight (kg) =  Board Size (cm)
11 - 31  =  111-118
18 - 38  =  118-130
29 - 50  =  124-134
31 - 80  = 130-138
45 - 100  = 134-142
68 - 110  = 138-146
77 - 110+  = 142-146

2. Board core

Choose the board construction to best suit your riding options - 

Boat / Jet Ski
If you're simply riding behind a boat a foam core glass board will provide a stiffer ride giving more pop across the wake. A woodcore will provide a lot more fun when trying ollies, boardslides presses and general mucking around.

Boat & Cable 
Wood core boards are best if you want the option to ride wake and cable. With removable fins to ride rails & Kickers yet still provides plenty of pop. They also give you a way softer landing behind the boat for those bad knees.

3. Fin & Channel set up

Fin position

If you're a beginner rider, look for a board with a centre fin - This will provide you with a stable ride when you get up and you are flat tracking behind the boat. 

Side fins help you once you advance to a higher level. Giving you more edge control when you don't have perfect technique. The larger the fins the more the board will hide imperfect body riding position. The smaller the fins the more forgiving and slippery the board will feel.


4. Board shape

Rocker is simply the curve (bend) profile of the board and determines riding style.

  • Continuous rocker profile offers a smooth, predictable ride, with flowing transitions into turns. his shape is often used for cable park riding;
  • The three-stage rocker profile adds a break in the curve for aggressive riding style and a flatter center curve for speed and rail control. Often chosen for riding behind a boat.
  • Hybrid rocker profile blends two curves together for improved performance. This shape may come in handy both in the park or behind the boat.
  • In short...
    We know it can be complicated, especially if you have a few different riders to consider, so hit up with any questions on FB messenger, email, phone or in store and we'll get you sorted.