Brofessionals - How to choose a Life Vest

November 21, 2019

Brofessionals - How to choose a Life Vest

Choosing a Life Vest can sometimes seem overwhelming with all the available options. We're here to break down your next Life Vest purchase so you're only left with the pain of filling your boat up at obscene fuel prices.



Safety First Kids

Most of the vests we stock are designed as a personal flotation safety device that is comfortable to wear in and out of the water.
Suitable for wakeboarding and tubing behind your boat or simply fanging around on your jetski, the majority of our vests are rated as LP50's (an Australian safety rating for closed waterways and harbors).
If you are looking for a comfortable fit with the least amount of bulk, you want the Australian safety standard combined with a soft Neoprene outer - giving maximum safety without compromising flexibility and comfort

Suck It In

Throwing on any modern performance Life Vest will more than likely have you quickly grabbing for a larger size, but remember the tighter the fit you can get away with the better.
Performance life vests are designed to fit like you are wearing a tight wetsuit top, this is to make sure if you take a slam on your wakeboard or a spill off your jet ski you don't want the Life Vest blowing over your shoulders.
If you have suffered from a little over gorging these past winter months and you find most vests impossible to get into, contact us for help, as there are a few select models that are a little friendlier around that waistline

Pro Tips

- Kids vests say ages but actually sell on weight
- Generally, a double buckle vest is the best for a universal fit
- If you are the driver of a Jet Ski look for a vest with handles on the sides
- If you suffer from a bad back get a vest with a kidney belt for lower back support
- The top end vests from some brands will dry faster and keep you warmer
- Don't hang wet vests by their shoulders as they will stretch
- Dry your vests out of the sun if you want them to last longer

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