Brofessionals - How to choose a wakeboard

December 18, 2018

Brofessionals - How to choose a wakeboard



The Brofessionals guide - Buying Wakeboards

Size, shape, Glass, Wood core, fins, no fins, boat, cable, me, her, kids, mates.... 

Looking for a new board, but have no idea how to choose the right set up other than finding the right kick-ass graphic you like?

We've attempted to simplify below to help get you started.

Still have questions - hit us up on FB messenger. Or call the shop 09 4894074

1. Board Size

Probably the most important feature to consider is the length of your wakeboard. The length is determined by your own weight and foot stance, and if multiple riders will be using the board, it is better to adapt the board to the heaviest rider.

Rider Weight (kg) =  Board Size (cm)
11 - 31  =  111-118
18 - 38  =  118-130
29 - 50  =  124-134
31 - 80  = 130-138
45 - 100  = 134-142
68 - 110  = 138-146
77 - 110+  = 142-146

2. Board core

Choose the board construction to best suit your riding options - 

Boat / Jet Ski
If you're simply riding behind a boat a foam core glass board will provide a stiffer ride giving more pop across the wake. A woodcore will provide a lot more fun when trying ollies, boardslides presses and general mucking around.

Boat & Cable 
Wood core boards are best if you want the option to ride wake and cable. With removable fins to ride rails & Kickers yet still provides plenty of pop. They also give you a way softer landing behind the boat for those bad knees.

3. Fin & Channel set up

Fin position

If you're a beginner rider, look for a board with a centre fin - This will provide you with a stable ride when you get up and you are flat tracking behind the boat. 

Side fins help you once you advance to a higher level. Giving you more edge control when you don't have perfect technique. The larger the fins the more the board will hide imperfect body riding position. The smaller the fins the more forgiving and slippery the board will feel.


4. Board shape

Rocker is simply the curve (bend) profile of the board and determines riding style.

  • Continuous rocker profile offers a smooth, predictable ride, with flowing transitions into turns. his shape is often used for cable park riding;
  • The three-stage rocker profile adds a break in the curve for aggressive riding style and a flatter center curve for speed and rail control. Often chosen for riding behind a boat.
  • Hybrid rocker profile blends two curves together for improved performance. This shape may come in handy both in the park or behind the boat.
  • In short...
    We know it can be complicated, especially if you have a few different riders to consider, so hit up with any questions on FB messenger, email, phone or in store and we'll get you sorted.

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