Brofessionals - Libtech Lost Puddle Jumper Review

With this summer of surf that never seems to end, we thought it was about time to get into the dirty details of one of our favourite little numbers - the Lib Tech Puddle Jumper. If you have been struggling in small surf, finding it hard to progress or are just looking for that perfect learner shortboard setup, the Puddle Jumper is a must for your quiver. The overall shape combined with the flexible yet incredibly tough Basalt-Fibre construction, makes this board paddle and catch waves like a dream. Setup as a thruster or a quad, it's also fast and will help you make that next section, or get that extra turn in on every wave.

PJ - Small waves for all abilities

We are all looking for that perfect board that performs in smaller or hard to catch surf. The PJ's overall concave and fat tail make it super fast across any wave lacking in push. The slightly pulled-in steps in the tail allow the PJ to retain a super loose feel for it's volume, giving you loads of freedom to throw it around and generate speed. The massive amount of volume in the nose however, is what makes this board amazing for learners. It gets you onto the wave early with ease, and is as stable as a freight train if you are a little slow to your feet. All this volume is also the reason that you should buy the Puddle jumper at least 4 inches shorter than your normal shortboard. This is because, to get the most out of this shape you need to be standing forward, over where all the volume is. Buy it too long, and you'll find yourself too far back, like you're surfing with the brakes on.

Construction - Strength and Flex

The Basalt-Fibre weave is a volcanic rock substitute for fibre glass. This makes the board more durable than if it were an epoxy construction, yet still light-weight and flexible like a PU board. Not only is this form of construction tougher, but it's environmental impact is almost non-existent. By combining this construction with the nitrogen closed-cell foam inside, you have yourself a board that's barely needs repairing even if you do manage to figure out a way of dinging it. 


Dean Spence
Dean Spence


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