Brofessionals: Wakesurfing Made Easy

Possibly one of the most enjoyable times you will have behind your boat, if you have the set-up is Wakesurfing.

For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s the act of producing a large wave by sinking the back of your boat, riding a Short Surf or Skim-style board then letting go of the rope and hacking your way to glory. It gives you the sense of surfing that perfect infinite wave - well if that perfect wave was three feet off the back of a boat and the serenity was drowned out with a roaring V8.
Nonetheless it takes away the hard part of surfing and leaves you tearing up the wave you have always wanted, without all that painfully hard paddling and duck diving.
For most of us, it’s a tough task to set up the boat to build a big enough wave to be able to let go of the rope.
But not anymore! Thanks to Mission Delta Wake Gear. They have come up with a product that will turn your old dog of an inboard into a Wakesurfing machine.
The idea although very simple is incredibly effective and very well thought out. The Mission Delta basically is a suction cupped wake plate that can be fixed onto the side of any fibreglass boat easily. Place it further back for a steeper walled wave and run it further forwards for a longer, more drawn out wave.
How it works:
Leaving your boat with full ballast, you suction the Delta onto the opposite back corner of the boat that you wish to surf on. This causes the boat to turn inward towards the side that the plate is on. Turning the wheel to correct the direction of the boat to go straight, which makes the wave swiftly appear on the other side. Effectively the boat drives now in a straight line but the physics of the rudder and hull make it more like it’s arching in a massive turn to create that beautiful wave you have always wanted.
As long as you still sink your boat with plenty of weight you can set your rig up for wakeboarding. Instead of having to move all that weight around to set-up for Wakesurfing, with a simple leaver flick of the Mission Delta and you are away laughing.
We recommend only doing this with a direct or V-Drive boat as the prop is situated well out of the way under the hull.

Dean Spence
Dean Spence


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