Brofessionals - Workshop

June 24, 2019

Brofessionals - Workshop

The Ballistics Full Service

We keep hammering home how important it is to get your skis & Snowboard serviced. Ballistics only use the best  workshop machines from Montana. This helps us ensure we get you guys the best results when you get your gear tuned.

Our Full Service Crystal glide option gives you a lot more bang for your buck than you may imagine. Here is the full process of what we throw down into your gear to bring it up all fast and shiny

Base Clean

Depending on the State of the skis a light base grind + Base cleaner will be applied


All remaining scratches are filled with a Montana Extruder P-tex Gun - Monty

Base Grind

Removes only a small amount of base. This resets the base of the skis squaring them up again and removes all remaining P-tex and scratches

Crystal Glide

The Montana Crystal Glide Twister replaces the structure in the base of your board/skis. Using a Diamond blade it cuts the pattern that we specifically program into the stone that is then transferred onto the base of your gear. This structure remains on the base resembling a vinyl record kind of imprint. It allows your skis/board to glide over the snow breaking surface tension and stopping the base from suctioning to the snow.

Edging / Base bevel

We then pass the edges over the edging belt to sharpen them. We can apply anywhere from a 89 degree angel (standard) to a 87 degree angle (race). Then flipping the machine around we use a ceramic stone to base bevel the edges to allow your gear to have maximum edge hold without feeling too catchy

Base Cleaning

Using a high quality base cleaner we then remove any remaining dirt and wax


Getting your wax job done right is the most important part of the process. This is why we have invested in a montana race waxer. This bad boy uses Infrared Bulbs to penetrate wax as evenly as possible deep into the base. This in turn gives you the longest lasting best wax job possible.

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