Product Review - 2020 Nordica Enforcer and Santa Anas

New season Nordica Enforcer, and Women’s Santa Ana Skis are about to hit our shelves (May). This award-winning ski is available in 3 main waist widths

100 for All mountain terrain, perfect for North & South Island and an annual Northern Hemi trip. 93s Perfect for North Island's Mt Ruapehu as it dominates both hard packed trail and our spring slush. And 88 perfect for on trail performance or for that lighter weight guy looking for a smaller ski

Here's the Brofessionals lowdown...
This ski has gained a strong following in recent years for its versatile all-mountain performance for both Cruisers and Athletes!

The Enforcer 100 is relatively forgiving among skis that contain two sheets of metal, but it’s a high performing all-mountain ski at its heart. It’s incredibly stable, holds its edge like a train on rails when skiing hardpack, floats well in soft snow, and maneuvers surprisingly well considering it’s a fairly hefty ski.

Basically, they ski like a GT Continental, hauling ass down a hill and smashing through everything, or throw them into cruise mode and carve your way downhill with a smooth edge to edge roll.
Perfect for Intermediate/Advanced female skiers looking fat taking on all NZ conditions, both on and off piste. The Balsa combined with the Poplar / Beech woodcore makes the ski lighter overall compared to the mens. This all helps the Santa Ana easier to ski edge to edge and a little bit softer flex than its big brother Enforcer.
The Santa Ana provides a nice approachable easy turn in and out on trail and the 30% Tip rocker allows you to still dominate off-piste and deep powder conditios

Dean Spence
Dean Spence


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