Product Review - Mission Delta 2.0

Mission Delta wakeshaper 2.0

Wakesurfing in a V drive / Direct drive boat was always reserved for end of the day, when you have finished wakeboarding etc and you are happy to load all your ballast to one side of the boat. Thanks to the invention of wake-plates modern boats have fully removed the need for weight distribution and now rely on loading the ballast in the boat evenly and placing more drag on one side to create a wakesurfing wave on the other. The downside is these systems are well in excess of $3000 and need to be professionally fitted to your boat.

Thankfully a year or 2 ago easy fit wake-shapers came along. Now with a small amount of fitting you have multiple different brands available on the market that can be placed on the side of your older boat at a fraction of the cost of a wake-plate system. 

The Brofessionals wake-shaper of choice is the Mission Delta as it was the first wake-shaper on the market with suction cups. It comes well detailed and has been  proven on many different styles of boat to produce an epic wakesurfing wave.

Now the mission Delta 2.0 has been launched we have done the hard yards and tested these bad boys back to back to give you our opinion on whether the 2.0 is better than its predecessor.


Dean Spence
Dean Spence


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