Atomic Redster J9 FIS J-RP2 - Ski Only

$699.00 $849.00

For all young flyers, the Atomic Redster J9 FIS J-RP² is the ideal ski to develop race technique. It’s the shortest Redster FIS ski in the range, designed to take their racing to the next level. It features Atomic’s junior race geometry that guarantees quick and easy turn initiation and offers precise control, specifically for juniors. Halfway between a slalom and giant slalom ski, there’s no better choice for youngsters who’ve caught the racing bug.

  • Active Camber 0/100/0 -Active Camber increases effective edge contact for better edge grip on icy slopes and stability.
  • Side Edge Angle: 87° - A side edge angle of 87° for more intuitive handling, easier skiing and better grip.

  • Base Edge Angle: 0.8°- A 0.8° base edge angle for easy turning, excellent edge grip and aggressive tracking.

  • World Cup Base Finish - World Cup-level grinding means less friction and more speed.




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