Atomic Strive 16 GW Bindings - Black / Metalic Blue


The Atomic STH² 16 WTR is a low-built freeski binding – built specially for wide powder and park & pipe skis. Its high-impact steel housing stands up against the most punishing skiing, while the 3D driver toe and shock-absorbing Progressive Transfer Pads cushion the hardest landings. The Oversized Platform enables you to transfer more power to the ski while the self-retracting Freeski Brakes come into their own on switch landings and in soft snow, eliminating hang-ups and drag on powder. The height-adjustable STH² 16 WTR is compatible with WTR soles, and stepping into the binding is easy even in deep powder. Finally, a maximum release value of 16 makes this the ideal binding for aggressive skiers.

  • STEP-IN AID - Our patented step-in aid guides your boot perfectly into position.
  • HIKE AND RIDE SWITCH - Switch between skiing and hiking mode instantly without having to take your skis off. Just use your pole to release the two metal hooks and the binding will pop up.
  • PROGRESSIVE TRANSFER PADS - Special inserts in the toe and heel increase dampening and forgiveness.
  • FREE SKI BRAKES - Self retracting brakes, adapted to modern skis and practices, eliminate hang ups on switch landings.
  • EASY CLIMBING AIDS - The climbing aids work separately from the heel tower. This means they can be folded forward into any heel-rotation position. With a flick of your pole, you have hassle-free and easy switching between the three climbing positions.
  • OVERSIZED PLATFORM - A super-wide platform allows for maximum lateral power transmission. We also have different platforms with different widths to choose from.
  • LOW-PROFILE CHASSIS - The low stand height increases your feel for the terrain, and also enhances power transmission to the ski.
  • STOMP PEDAL - A fixed, wide pedal ensures the best transmission from skier to ski.
  • FORCE CAGE TRANSFER (FCT) - Our top race bindings feature a steel reinforcement cage at the toe and heel piece for maximum power transfer.
  • VARIABLE POSITIONING (VAR) - Move your toe and heel along the rail to customise your position forward or back on the ski.
  • EDGE GRIP ALIGNMENT (EGA) - Fine-tune the position of your binding 2 mm each side to adapt to your body movement and skiing style.
  • AUTOMATIC WING ADJUSTMENT - Adapts automatically and easily to your boot width and height. It also keeps release values constant for worn out boots.
  • MNC (MULTIFORM CERTIFIED) - Thanks to an adjustable toe height and sliding AFD toe piece, MultiNorm certified bindings are TÜV approved for all three types of soles: DIN (ISO 5355), Touring (ISO 9523) and Walk To Ride (WTR). That means they fit every normed boot in the market.
  • WTR (WALK TO RIDE) - WTR compatible bindings are compatible with new Walk To Ride (WTR) boots – boots with special grip pads for better walking. WTR boots and bindings are completely safe, just like any other DIN boot/binding combo.

    *Alternate brakes sizes can be ordered on request*




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