Burton Women's Performance Plus Lightweight Compression Sock - Rock Lichen S/M


Behind the Product

Hot Feet Call for Cool Socks

Like a breath of fresh air for your feet. The women's Burton Performance + Lightweight Compression Socks harness the all-natural power of wool to keep you hiking, riding, or just chilling in comfort.

Product Features

  • All-Natural Merino Power

    A lightweight merino blend sets you up for dry, comfy, stink-free feet.

  • Made to Move

    Their snug compression fit is designed to support active days.

  • Targeted Padding

    Reinforced padding in focused areas keeps you locked in and increases comfort in high-pressure zones.

  • Durable and Technical

    The polypropylene-reinforced footbed adds durability and quick-drying for long-wearing comfort.




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