Chums Phone Float


Chum's Phone Float are for those who are addicted to their screen, but are equally infatuated with all things water and adventure! This outdoor accessory is invaluable for all your trips, as it completely protects your phone from water penetration, which is due to the HF welded seams that create a water tight seal. Even if you just want to take your phone on a boat or out on a water-based adventure to snap a few pictures, the floating capabilities will allow you to retrieve your phone from the surface of the water, rather than watching it sink to the bottom never to be found again! The removable lanyard only widens the range of use for you, with the touch screen functionality giving you infinite usage for your phone no matter whether you are out rafting or fishing.


We get it, we get it. No one wants to be away from their phone, even for one minute and now you don’t have to. Chums Floating Phone Protector lets you take your phone with you wherever you go, from a multi-day rafting trip to scrolling through Instagram in the shower. Designed with HF welded seams, a watertight seal and floating capabilities the Floating Phone Protector does exactly that; protects and floats your phone.


  • Floating dry bag
  • Watertight seal& HF welded seams
  • Lock tight waterproof closure
  • Removable lanyard
  • Touch screen functionality
  • Fits most phones




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