GNU Women's Chromatic Snowboard

$549.00 $749.99

The GNU Chromatic BTX Snowboard is directional and progression-focused. Utilizing the awesome Original Banana rocker profile, this board is lively and reactive while remaining smooth-tempered and catch-free. It turns easily, pivots playfully, and provides a dependable platform on which you will easily master the art of the carve, and unlock the true colors of the mountain.

    • Original Banana
    • Medium-Soft Flex
    • G Lite 1 FCS Certified Aspen + Paulownia Core – Light, strong, and poppy.
    • Triaxial / Biaxial Fiberglass – Strong and poppy.
    • UHMW Sidewalls – Tough and fast.
    • Eco Sublimated Co-Ex Base – Fast, tough, and holds wax.
  • Magne-Traction® – 7 strategically located and sized edge serrations provide unreal edge hold and control in all conditions.




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