Head Men's Edge 130 HV GW - Black


Enjoy better skiing with less effort. The power-efficient design of the new Edge LYT features Graphene infused plastic combined with the new Smart Frame shell delivers the perfect balance between performance, comfort, and lightweight design. 

The new lightweight shell construction is specifically designed for a more dynamic rebound that greatly improves performance for all mountain skiers. 

The EDGE LYT 130 is the perfect boot for performance skiers. 

  • Smart frame
  • Hi-top tech
  • Duo flex
  • Easy entry shell design
  • Stiffer/softer flex adjustment
  • Single canting
  • Foam wedge
  • Perfect fit  3D CUSTOM
  • Sport frame footbed
  • 40mm velcro strap
  • 4 screw micro-adjustable alloy buckles
  • 2 double power levers
  • 1 supermacro ratchet
  • Low profile buckles
  • Allride balance
  • Forward lean 14º
  • Ramp angle 5º




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