Jetpilot Mini Beer Pong Set


Elevate your next game night with Jetpilot's Mini Beer Pong Set - a downsized version of the classic party game that packs a mighty punch of fun. This pint-sized powerhouse is perfect for smaller spaces, patios, or even impromptu office throwdowns.

Dominate the desktop with:

10 Red & 10 Blue PVC Cups: Durable and vibrant, these mini cups hold their own against even the most enthusiastic flicks (and inevitable spills).

1 Regulation-Size Ball: Master pinpoint accuracy with this official-sized projectile, proving that big things come in small packages.

1 Woodgrain Table with Cup Cutouts: Crafted for tabletop greatness, this miniature marvel features built-in cup holders to keep the action organized and spills contained. The sleek woodgrain finish adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.

2 Launchers: Take aim and unleash tactical strikes with these handy throwing aids. Ideal for beginners and seasoned pong pros alike, these launchers add a layer of skill and strategy to every mini-match.

Jetpilot's Mini Beer Pong Set isn't just for tiny spaces. It's for travel adventures, camping trips, and any gathering where space is limited but fun knows no bounds. The portable design and durable materials make it the ultimate party sidekick, ready to transform any surface into a miniature pong arena.

So ditch the bulky tables and cramped quarters. Grab Jetpilot's Mini Beer Pong Set and prove that big fun comes in small packages.




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