KD Slayer Kneeboard

$719.99 $899.99

The KD Slayer for the serious boarder KD have introduced a high performance shape and symmetrical profile. The square tip and tail shape and 2-stage rocker design maximizes pop off of all wake for all level of riders. The Slayers Edge Locking rails allow you to lock in for fakie take offs and landings. In addition, the tri density ergonomic kneepad, allow for comfortable cushy landings. Lastly, we include the front inserts to allow the addition of the KD Handle Hook. This board looks as every bit a good as it performs and will be sure to produce the goods.


  • New Shape mold
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Two Stage rocker
  • Square tip & Tail
  • Diamond dimple technology
  • Top of the tree shape & design
  • Fiberglass construction
  • Three Stage rocker
  • Pintail profile
  • Full length locking rails
  • Snatch 3’ double locking Padded strap
  • Tri density eronomic pad
  • ’ Padded strap
  • Inserted tip to allow the addition of our hook (not included)





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