Korua Shapes Pencil Splitboard


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The Pencil Splitboard being the longest board in the pointy tip range is nice for speedier turns and effortless changing of edges in deep powder. It feels quite reactive and shorter than it actually is. Designed to keep the speed coming out of deep pow turns, the pointy nose keeps the spray out of your face and allows a smooth initiation of turns. It features Union clips, nose and tail hooks, a Voilé insert pattern (most used in the industry), and it fits Karakoram and Spark bindings.

Length (cm) 147 (A) 164 (A)
Effective Edge (mm) 1050 (B) 1200 (B)
Running Length (mm) 930 1060
Nose Width (mm) 298 (C) 321 (C)
Waist Width (mm) 249 (D) 266 (D)
Tail Width (mm) 270 (E) 290 (E)
Avg. Sidecut Radius (m) 8,0 8,2
Setback (mm) 20 20
Taper (mm)  28  31
Recommended Stance (cm) 54 55
Adjust. Stance Range (cm) 49 - 63 50 - 64
Board Weight (kg) 2.9 3.5
Flex (1-10) 7 7
Float (1-10) 8 8
Topsheet UV Lacquer UV Lacquer
Fiberglass Biaxial Biaxial
Core Poplar Light Poplar Light
Base Material P-TEX 2000 Sintered P-TEX 2000 Sintered
Base Construction Classic Classic
Finish Beltgrind Beltgrind
Edges Metal Metal
Shape Directional Directional
Switch Riding Doable Doable
Rider Weight (kg) 40 - 60 60 - 95
Boot Size (EU) Up to ~ 42 Up to ~ 46
Camber Float Camber Float Camber






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