Liquid Force Foil Surf 9" Combo - 75' - Red / Black

$263.99 $329.99

The Liquid Force Foil Surf Rope will get you into the first, second or third wake. 75' total length with 3 sections to set you foil at 25', 55' and 75' off the boat. The first section features the DLX Surf grip with foam floats and 5/8 PE fiber. The long line sections are constructed with the Liquid Force H-Braid line, even when wet this line won't sag into the second wake. The foil Surf line includes the Liquid Force inline shock absorber. The shock absorber reduces handle yank for a smooth ride as you take up line tension. Get your foil on!

  • 9" Round EVA Grip with Molded EVA Safety Floats
  • 10" Ultra Plush Modeled Foam Main Line Grips
  • 2' In-Line Shock Absorber
  • Easy Length Adjustment Loops on Boat End
  • 5/8" Durable PE Fiber and H-Braid Dyneema Lines
  • 75' Mainline with 3-Sections




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