Mission Delta 2.0 Wake Shaper

$639.99 $799.99

The ultimate in wake tabs for any inboard boat. Designed with industrial sized suction cups there is no need to bolt, screw or drill anything onto your nice shiny boat. 

  • MAKE WAVES DELTA makes it easy to generate a perfect wave for wakesurfing.
  • YOUR BOAT - Compatible with most inboard boats.
  • MORE IS BETTER - Makes waves even better on boats with factory surf tab systems
  • DURABLE DESIGN - Reinforced high grade polymer. Anodized aluminum and stainless steel. And it floats.
  • SWITCH SIDES IN SECONDS - Symmetrical design allows DELTA to work on both sides of the boat.
  • REVERSIBLE - Front panel reverses so you can fine-tune the wave on your boat.
  • CLEAN ATTACHMENT - Attaches in seconds and removes without a trace.
  • MAXIMUM GRIP - Oversized suction cups provide plenty of holding power.




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