Mission Delta 2.0 Wake Shaper


– Sold Out

The ultimate in wake tabs for any inboard boat. Designed with industrial sized suction cups there is no need to bolt, screw or drill anything onto your nice shiny boat. 

  • MAKE WAVES DELTA makes it easy to generate a perfect wave for wakesurfing.
  • YOUR BOAT - Compatible with most inboard boats.
  • MORE IS BETTER - Makes waves even better on boats with factory surf tab systems
  • DURABLE DESIGN - Reinforced high grade polymer. Anodized aluminum and stainless steel. And it floats.
  • SWITCH SIDES IN SECONDS - Symmetrical design allows DELTA to work on both sides of the boat.
  • REVERSIBLE - Front panel reverses so you can fine-tune the wave on your boat.
  • CLEAN ATTACHMENT - Attaches in seconds and removes without a trace.
  • MAXIMUM GRIP - Oversized suction cups provide plenty of holding power.


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