Nitro Women's Optisym


The Original Friendly Freestyle Snowboard.

The Optisym is for all those snowboarders who enjoy fun, low-impact, buttery, friendly freestyle snowboarding, which means turning everything into a feature, even a groomed run or the knuckles of park landings, capable of switching from airtime tricks to flat ground tricks within seconds. This snowboarding style is probably the most relatable and achievable, so we decided to make a board specifically for this type of riding – for the dreamers – the friendly freestyle shredders!


  • Shape: Asym Twin

  • Camber: Cam-Out Camber

  • Width: Standard

  • Riding Style: Park/All Mountain. All Mountain 8/10 - Backcountry 6/10 - Park 10/10

  • Response (Stiffness): 5/10

  • Sidecut: Dual Degressive
  • Powercore II: Enhanced Performance and Extra Strength

  • Whiplash Core Profile: Maximum Ollie Power

  • Ureshred Sidewalls: Durability and Feel

  • Powerwall: More Heelside Control

  • Bi-Lite Laminates: Forgiving and Strong

  • Railkiller Edge: Your Secret Weapon on Rails

  • Premium Extruded FH Base: Easy and Versatile

  • Carbon Neutral Product: Made with 100% Solar Power, Water Based Inks, Recycled Raw Materials, Recycled Steel Edges, Wood from Responsible Sources.




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