Phase 5 Nova Foil Set

$1,999.00 $2,699.99

The Phase Five Nova Foil package is designed to make hydrofoiling user-friendly, approachable and fun in a wide range of wave conditions. The package delivers the best of both worlds with plenty of lift and early takeoff for catching even the smallest rolling waves yet holds ample speed and glide to stay connected to the wave energy. The magic is in the 760 Front Wing, which has a large, low-aspect shape incorporating an Inverted Gull Wing outline that gives it much better top-end speed and easy to engage pumping performance than many foils of similar size and surface area.

 760 front wing increases overall lift and stability
 28” aluminum alloy mast
 Aluminum alloy fuselage with 2 front wing position options
 Light weight carbon front and rear wing finish
 Titanium hardware kit for reducing corrosion
 Neoprene wing covers
Compartmentalized carry case






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