Scott Sheild LS - Lavender Purple / Light Sensitive Blue


Scott's Ski Goggle Shield LS is the next tier up from the trusty Scott Shield, with a new light sensitive lens option. The semi-frameless design gives a comfortable fit, which is made more so by the 3-layere molded face foam. The Amplifier lens is OptiView, which means that you have optimal vision clarity, without warped vision in your peripheral, so you can see all that the mountain has to offer! The extra wide, no-slip silicone strap also elevates your visibility, as it prevents the goggles from slipping or causing the need to readjust while in the ski and snow environment. The NoFog anti-fog lens treatment also helps maintain a clean and clear lens! Available in a wide variety of colourways, this piece of ski equipment will suit everyone!

FRAME: Lavender Purple

LENS: Light Sensitive Blue (Cat.S2-S4)

  • Fit: Medium to Large
  • Extra wide no-slip silicone strap
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Cylindrical Lens
  • NoFog? Anti-Fog lens treatment
  • SCOTT AMP LS Lens Technology
  • SCOTT Light Sensitive lens (CAT.S2 to S4 ? blue chrome)
  • 3-layer molded face foam





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