Scott Premium Wheelie Ski Bag EVO


The SCOTT Ski Wheel Premium Bag EVO has been reskinned with a more modern design and more resistant fabric. One compartment can fit two pairs of skis of any length, poles and all the gear you need for a ski trip. The bag is water resistant, easy to carry and comes with a set of high quality shock absorbing wheels, as well as several handles along the bag. A big addition to this travel bag is that it's more compact to stow away, as it can be completely rolled 

  • Full zip closure with roll top option to fit every ski length
  • Functional strap for compressed storage option
  • Robust wheels to conquer all obstactles and muddy terrains
  • Hook-up system to attach the Ski Day Gear Bag for easier transportation
  • Lightweight, abrasion-resistant and water-repellent fabrics
  • Movable padded separator inside to protect your skis
  • Lower and upper fixation strap inside to hold the ski in place
  • Different carrying versions (several handles, adjustable and padded shoulder strap)





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