Chums Stingray Camera Float


The Stingray Adjustable Floating Wrist Lanyard securely hangs on to you gear with Duraflex side-release buckles. The included carabiner clip gives you various attachment options. Screenprinted with reflective ink, making it easy to spot the Stingray floating in the water. The tether string attachment allows you to use the Stingray for all sorts of outdoor accessories that you don't want sinking to the bottom of the lake.

VERY IMPORTANT: Test your own camera in shallow water before use! Our Float MAY NOT float your specific camera and battery. New Models come out all the time, and we simply cannot test every model and battery combination. We've tested many popular models (Olympus, Pentax, Canon, GoPro) and our floater has performed perfectly. But it is your responsibility to always test and re-test again in the specific spot you'll be using your camera. We are not responsible for loss of cameras and equipment using our waterproof camera float. Our product is designed to use with small, lightweight, point and shoot waterproof cameras. It is not intended for use with regular, non-waterproof cameras or large professional underwater cameras. Remember: Keep the wrist lanyard around your wrist at all times.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry.

  • Secure Wrist Attachment

  • Carabiner clip for various attachment options

  • Reflective logo

  • Can be used with various waterproof accessories




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